Monday, October 7, 2013

W4MMQ is back on the air!

Yeah it's been a while, but thought I'd update with a quick post that W4MMQ is active again for the first time in over 4 years, I've acquired the call sign so KE4GAI is no more. I haven't had any equipment for some time but recently picked up a cheap 2m/70cm portable, and made my first contact with KA4CID one morning.

 I struggled for a while on whether to apply for the license, several years after granddad's passing. Then I remembered a conversation we had back in the 90's I believe, when vanity call signs came out. He told me about it and that even though call signs used to just go back in the pool after someone passed, but with the new rule change, a relative had first access to get it, as long as they had the same or higher rating. I'm also pretty sure this was one of the reasons I took the Advanced exam since that's what granddad had. I'd have probably sat for the Extra back then had it not been for the 21WPM code! Ha ha. I knew I didn't want a W4 call sign to just go into the pool so I filled out the paperwork and am now the holder of W4MMQ.

Maybe I'll be able to get on HF again, but for now I'm pretty happy that the call is back on the air. Miss you granddaddy.

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